Day of Action

Had my first acting job of the year today. I did a scene with the Denver’s very talented Jason Coviello.  What we shot was for an industrial training video.  I also ended up booking my second acting job to be shot in Iowa.  The year is off to a fantabulous.

Snow Tires

snow tiresTwo weeks ago it snowed like a sonofabitch and the temps were insanely low.  Last week I finally got some new snow tires and put them on a separate set of rims.  I am now ready for an awesome snow filled winter.  I checked out the 10 day forecast and doesn’t show a hint of cold.

New website design

I have installed a new website.  I hope it is as functional as it seems when I do all the testing on my computer.  I am not a website guy nor do I want to be.  Please inform me of any particular problems you come across so I can look into fixing it/them.

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