Homemade Body Prods

Got tired of paying $3.99 for lip balm and $5 for natural deodorant. Decided to make my own. If you wind up in my presence, let me know if I stink or my lips are flaking.



Returning to the Midwest!

I will be returning to the Midwest to perform stand-up.  The two awesome venues I’ll be at are, Mason City Comedy Club in Illinois (tonight and tomorrow) and Crackers Comedy Club in Broad Ripple, Indiana (Jan 29-Feb 1).  I am looking forward to this and fully expect the people to be as great as I remember them.

Upon further review, I am not looking forward to experiencing the climate.

Day of Action

Had my first acting job of the year today. I did a scene with the Denver’s very talented Jason Coviello.  What we shot was for an industrial training video.  I also ended up booking my second acting job to be shot in Iowa.  The year is off to a fantabulous.